What is a School Social Worker

What is a school social worker?

School Social Workers are seen as the link between the home, school, and community. They are integral members of an educational team made up of: teachers, administrators, support staff, and parents. School Social Workers promote and support student's academics, and social success by their experience in the areas of human behavior, mental health, community resources and family dynamics.

Today's students face many social and personal problems that threaten their ability to be successful in school, and the community. School Social Work intervention, can promote progress and success.

School Social Workers are trained mental health professionals who provide services related to students' social and emotional well-being. We also provide support and resources to parents, guardians and teachers to help maintain the emotional health of children and their families.

School Social Workers provide direct services to students, families and school personnel to promote social and academic success.

School Social Workers are licensed through the Minnesota Department of Education, as well as the Minnesota Board of Social Work.