The J-Club Middle School After School Program for the 2014-15 school year began on September 15th. 

     This program is designated for students referred by their teacher for additional help in the areas of Reading and Math in grades 5-8 as part of Targeted Services.   

     The program starts at 3:00, and students are picked up at 4:45. During this time, students will begin with a brief physical activity break and snack. Then, students will be working on math and reading skills, increasing independent work skills, problem solving and team building with staff.  The program runs Monday - Thursday.  (Please see calendar for specific dates available.)

Club Options
       The J-club After School Program will be offering additional opportunities for students to engage and connect to school through various weekly clubs.  These clubs will change each semester.  Students enrolled in J-club may opt to participate in a club weekly by demonstrating academic growth and responsibility through their personal efforts in the After School Program.

Semester One 2014-15 Offerings:  Pinterest Crafts and Ideas, Inspired through Music, Program a Robot, and Board Games Galore. 
Monthly Fun Component
     As part of J-Club ASP, students are awarded points.  These points can be earned for attendance (Safety), completion of homework (Responsibilty), completing Skillstutor lessons based on their individual academic needs, and being good citizens (Respect).  These points earn students permission to attend Monthly Fun activities.   These incentives are offered to help Middle School students in developing an understanding of personal responsibility as well as harbor positive feelings about work completion, school, and peer relationships within social settings.

     It is very important that the students attend regularly, and that their parents check to make sure they are in attendance.  There will be no bussing for this program, so parents should pick up their children at 4:45. 

Questions/Comments/Concerns can be directed to:

Rose Johnson

Sarah Miller, Coordinator of the Jordan Schools ASP


Contact: Rose Johnson, J-club ASP Middle School Lead Teacher (952)492-4360